Skiing in Suffolk County, NY: Explore the Best Spots

Are you looking for the perfect place to go skiing in Suffolk County, NY? Look no further! From the historic Chelsea mansion at Muttontown Preserve to the breathtaking views of The Amselhaus, there are plenty of great spots to explore. Cross-country skiing trails can be found at North Woodmere Park, Christopher Morley Park, Bethpage State Park, Valley Stream State Park, Trail View State Park, Garvies Point Museum & Private Reserve, Blydenburgh County Park, and Caleb Smith State Reserve. The Long Island Cross-Country Ski Club also offers excursions around the island itself. Muttontown Preserve in Syosset is a great place to start your skiing adventure.

Not only can you go cross-country skiing here, but you can also visit the historic Chelsea mansion. North Woodmere Park and Christopher Morley Park are both located near JFK International Airport and offer cross-country skiing trails. For those looking for a more luxurious experience, The Amselhaus in Cornwall, CT is the perfect place to stay. Each suite has cozy beds, private entrances, and a fully equipped kitchen with breathtaking views at sunrise and sunset.

Suffolk County is home to several state parks that are suitable for skiing. Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, Valley Stream State Park in Valley Stream, and Trail View State Park in Huntington are all great options. The Long Island Cross-Country Ski Club also offers excursions around the island itself, skiing in Caumsett, Bethpage and Caleb Smith State Parks, as well as the Muttontown Reserve in Nassau County and Blydenburgh County Park in Suffolk County. The winter of 1976-1977 was a great time for skiing in Suffolk County due to heavy snowfall (more than 62 inches (1600 mm)). This gave the Ski Bowl its first profitable year.

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