The Safest Communities in Suffolk County, NY

Smithtown is a family-friendly suburb located midway from Long Island to the north coast. It is well-maintained and populated mainly by young families and professionals. Year after year, Smithtown is voted one of the best places to live on Long Island due to its safe streets and excellent schools. Greenport is one of the oldest neighborhoods on Long Island and has been a bustling port for centuries.

It is located on the farthest end of Long Island and offers a welcoming atmosphere with fewer tourists than the Hamptons. Despite this, it still retains much of the natural beauty and safety of the Hamptons. Massapequa is another old neighborhood on Long Island that is considered one of the safest. It has six elementary schools and a few high schools, making it a great place for families.

The streets are relatively quiet and there are plenty of nearby parks to admire. Islip is located close to the beach and is known for being one of the quietest and most peaceful neighborhoods on Long Island. It is considered a beach community by locals who enjoy swimming and surfing, as well as a lively nightlife during the summer months. Suffolk and Nassau counties in LI publish crime statistics in different formats, but some cities report some of the lowest crime figures on the island.

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